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Do you allow outside vendors

Yes and we can handle your catering or entertainment needs. We’re here to hold your hand and walk you through your event worry free this will make you have more time on your hands to achieve twice as much

Do you allow alcohol?

Yes, however this is with a signed waiver which is simple to understand and can be concluded in less than 300 seconds

What is required to book?

It’s simple, use the live chat feature to the lower right of your screen, an agent will be on standby to answer your questions or click here, you will be taken to the contact page, enter your contact information and you will receive an instant reply. Typically a 50% deposit will hold a date for you and the balance isn't due until 3 weeks prior to your event

How do I schedule a tour?

That’s easy, start a conversation with an agent, right on this page at the lower right corner of this page, inform the agent on your preferred date for a tour, if your date is unavailable we’d be happy to help you schedule another that works right just for you

Can I mix and play my own music?

Yes, we want you to have good memories of songs you like and can relate to 5+ years from now which is why we have the capabilities of playing off an IPOD, CD or computer indoor and outdoor

Is parking ample and close to the facility?

Yes and this is because your guests should attend your event happy and not get upset by not having a place to park. Adequate parking solutions with armed security is provided to ensure you have a worry free occasion

Are restroom facilities adequate?

Nothing upsets people like a queue by the rest room and Merry Makers gets this, we avoided this by having more than 1 bathroom for men and women respectively.

Does the facility have adequate air conditioning?

Yes we do!

Are there restrictions on decorations, flowers or candles?

Yes! Candles must be fully enclosed or safety and flowers must be in proper containers to avoid water leaks

Is there a cleaning deposit?

There’s No charge unless a mess is made

What is the cancellation policy?

No refund if event is cancelled within 6 months of event date

Are there any discounts available?

Yes and if you use the live chat feature in the lower right corner now, you just might get one

How many guests can this venue seat?

• MARQUEE Banquet arrangement 1000 with stage and aisle capacity
Regular tables with stage and aisle 1200 Chairs only with stage and aisle 1500 capacity

•PAVILION 3 ever green lawns that can host over 500 people each
*Arrangements can be done to always suit your purpose

How much time will be allowed for my event?

You are able to schedule events by our half-day (8 hours) or all day (15 hours) time blocks. Additional time spent will incur an hourly rate charge. Use the live chat feature to receive information that will help you stay within your time block and not exceed your budget

What is the policy on smoking?

Smoking is permitted outdoors only. Cigarette butts must be put in the proper containers to avoid any cleaning fees. Absolutely no smoking inside the marquee

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed only outdoors on a leash. Pets will not be allowed inside the marquee unless it is a service dog